Pest Control & Extermination For Long Island Commercial Buildings

Commercial accounts are among the most challenging and environmentally sensitive customers in the pest control industry. Our technicians maintain these sensitive environments pest free at all times, in a safe and effective manner. This is where our seasoned, NYS certified technicians shine through time and time again.

Eliminex’s Urban Entomologist develops custom Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs that are backed by our comprehensive 100% satisfaction guarantees! Our technicians use the latest technologies to eliminate pests before they become problems. No matter which industry you work in, Eliminex Pest Control Inc. can design an IPM program that works for you and your business needs.

Our list of Long Island clients reads like a list of who’s who in the fields of Health Care, Education, Food Processing and the Hospitality Industries. Please ask for our extensive list of referrals and testimonials!

Guaranteed Positive Results

Eliminex will eliminate all the breeding cockroaches and rodents from your place of business by the end of the initial intensive treatment period. If you are not satisfied with the results we will continue to provide intensive service at no additional charge until all the breeding pests have been eliminated.

After the initial intensive period, Eliminex will maintain your facility pest free of all breeding cockroaches and rodents or additional services will be provided at no additional cost until the problem is corrected. If you are still not satisfied, Eliminex will refund your last monthly service.If you are ever fined by the board of health for a present cockroach or rodent infestation, Eliminex will pay the fine. (Sanitation requirements apply)

Services Provided:

  • Insect Inspections, Treatments & Management
  • Bed Bug Services
  • Bird Control and Exclusion
  • Flying Insect Management
  • Green & Organic Service Methods
  • In-House Training, Materials and Support
  • Insect Light Traps and Maintenance
  • Nuisance Wildlife Management
  • Pest Identification
  • Pest Prevention/Exclusion Consultation
  • Pest Proofing
  • Rodent Management
  • Sanitation Inspections
  • Stored Product Pest Management
  • Termite Inspections and Treatments
  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspections & Treatments

Industries Served:

Educational- Schools, Daycare, Adult Care

Safe and environmentally friendly pest control methods are vital in any educational facility . Safety of students, faculty and staff is our primary goal while we design year round coverage solutions to protect your institution.

Food & Beverage Processing

We customize our services to ensure that your facility meets and exceeds all industry regulations pertaining to pest control. We understand how a poor audit or sudden infestation can ruin reputations and drive customers away, regardless of how well the food is produced and packaged.

Food & Non Food Retailers

Since retail facilities are attractive targets for pests, our goal is to provide a long-term pest solution with reduced chemical exposure. This will help you provide unadulterated products, and convenience while avoiding pest infestations that will damage product and reputation.

Health Care

We utilize proven integrated pest management practices to keep your Assisted Living Facility, Hospital, or Nursing Home pest free and profitable. We use a highly technical pest management approach that addresses indoor air quality, chemical exposure and convenience. This will help maintain sterile environments, and protect your reputation and facility.

Lodging & Hospitality

We partner with our clients in the hospitality industry and help protect your reputation and brand. Since your industry is a 24hr / 7day endeavor, we will design a comprehensive program that will resolve your pest issues that include bed bugs, roaches, rats, and more.

Manufacturing & Research

Our Pest Control programs will help detect structural, sanitation and housekeeping deficiencies, manage pests, and provide record keeping practices to assist in the overall efficiency of your facility. Our goal is a facility free from insect and rodent infestations that can transmit disease pathogens or otherwise compromise the environment.

Multi-Unit Housing

Our goal in housing is to protect your investment and tenants. We understand that pest problems at multi-unit properties can lead to serious consequences. Some pests such as bed bugs can spread quickly from one unit to the next, some cause structural damage, while others, such as cockroaches, rats and mice can cause serious health problems. We can work with tenants directly at your request. We will perform service when and how you desire.

Commercial Property Management

For commercial property management we design a pest control program that will minimize disruptions to your tenants, customers and bottom line. We will provide you recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of our programs and help ensure that rentals remain available. Our objective is to protect your income, reputation, and buildings from pest related losses.

Restaurant & Food Service

We specialize in pest treatments for the food industry and understand how your primary concern is the protection of your brand, reputation, and client base. We understand how vigilant we must be to provide your guests with a pest free dining experience while addressing food safety. Under our watch, pest infestations that are common in restaurants and commercial kitchens, like cockroaches, flies, and rats, will be greatly eliminated through an integrated approach that includes prevention.

Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers need to protect inventory while maintaining an efficient operation. We can effectively manage the pest control needs of these establishments in a manner that will help protect inventory, income, and reputation. Whether we are dealing with food products or non perishables, we can advise on sanitary processes and address supply chain concerns that arise in warehousing and distribution.