Phantom Treatment Information

Phantom is the only undetectable liquid termite control that has met New York’s stringent environmental requirements and gained state registration. Phantom has a very low water solubility, which means it binds very tightly to soil and is less likely to be washed out of treated areas, and its active ingredient (chlorfenapyr) is applied at a low dose. Phantom has virtually no odor, which means you and your family won’t notice a thing.There is simply no better choice for liquid termite control in New York.

Eliminex Pest Control Inc. utilizes the best and latest termite control technologies to develop a termite control program that works for you. Phantom termiticide is a tool that enables us to effectively protect your home utilizing non-repellant termiticide technology. Termites do not detect the Phantom barrier around your home and will enter the treatment zone. The Phantom then transfers to the unsuspecting termite where it returns to the nest and dies where it may transfer to another termite. Phantom can be used as a stand along treatment or as part of a highly effective termite baiting integrated program. BASF is the manufacturer of Phantom termiticide and has a highly developed web site and an informative brochure. Below please find links to those products where you can obtain further information regarding phantom.

As always Eliminex Pest Control Inc. backs all of our termite control treatments with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why not call to arrange for a free termite inspection and consultation to find out how we can can protect your home from costly termite damage.

Phantom’s Unique Advantages:

  • The only undetectable termite control available in New York.
  • Unparalleled effectiveness. Over seven years of test data prove it.
  • Kills termites by ingestion and contact.
  • Can be used in conjunction with termite bait systems.
  • Responsible, low-dose treatment, with virtually no odor.
  • Only trained, Phantom Certified Professionals can apply Phantom.
Phantom Treatment Information