Pest Control & Extermination For Residential Long Island

Eliminex Pest Control Inc. offers a wide variety of home pest control services. Whether you need to eliminate a new pest infestation or require a pest prevention service – Eliminex Pest Control has all your pest control answers! We are committed to providing our services using the IPM (integrated pest management) concept. IPM incorporates all aspects of pest prevention including inspection, exclusion, mechanical and chemical control techniques all while utilizing minimal amounts of environmentally sensitive products. Ask about our all Green Pest Control programs.

Quarterly Pest Control Services – PestGuard 365:

Quarterly pest control services are the preferred choice for pest prevention utilizing today’s highly effective baits and materials. Every season brings a variety of pest activity and our quarterly prevention services are targeted at eliminating pests before they enter your home. Example: pavement ants in the spring, earwigs and millipedes in the summer and rodents and crickets in the fall. Our premium plan not only covers you for crawling insects and rodents it also includes bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets as well as carpenter ants. Using our IPM techniques you can be assured the pests will stay away! Guaranteed!



Each season brings a new range of pests that can invade your home and affect your health & property. Customized plans are offered year round to help minimize pest problems. Our basic plan is outlined here:

Quarterly Service Plan:
The initial services are designed to eliminate covered pests from inside your home. We then target pests at their sources to help prevent them on the exterior walls of your home. We strive to provide convenient scheduling, quick results and thorough treatments. All this is done using modern and safe pest control practices.

SPRING – Many Insects emerge in the spring with termites and ants leading the way followed by many crawling and flying insects. We apply a residual barrier around the perimeter and check for signs of new insect and rodent activity.

SUMMER – The summer service is very important as many exterior pests emerge and actively breed. Small but growing bee and wasps nests can be eliminated in the summer. We renew the exterior perimeter treatment that will help prevent pests such as Earwigs. Millipedes, Ground Beetles and Pavement Ants.

FALL – When outside temperatures drop, many pests look to enter sheltered areas for over-wintering. In the fall we apply the most important exterior perimeter treatment to prevent infestations of crawling insects such as crickets, lady bugs and spiders. We also check the entire perimeter of the home for any rodent activity.

WINTER – The winter service is important since we check, inspect and service your home’s interior. Rodent activity peaks at this time of year, so we inspect and service for rodent problems. Winter is also good time to eliminate any over wintering pests like silverfish, spiders and pavement ants.

Quarterly Service Guarantees Results:


1) Eliminex Pest Control will guarantee to control the pests covered in our quarterly service contracts. Should additional service visits be necessary between scheduled service visits they will be done free of charge.

2) If you are not satisfied with the results we will continue to provide intensive service at no additional charges until all problems are solved.