Termite Baiting

Eliminex Pest Control Inc. is dedicated to environmentally responsible pest control practices. Our seasoned professionals use extreme caution around your family and property while insuring positive results. Our termite control division utilizes every tool necessary to eliminate termites from your house and property. By employing the latest baiting techniques we complete the job with little impact on the environment.

The Advance Termite Baiting System

The revolutionary Advance Termite Bait System, proven to eliminate termite colonies in and around your home, offers advantages and long term protection to you biggest investment – your home.

Step 1

The Advance Termite bait stations are installed at approximately 10′ intervals around the perimeter of your home or structure. Periodic inspections are performed to detect termite activity.

Step 2

During the service visits all monitors are inspected for activity and are checked for other insects and excessive moisture. All appropriate actions are taken during the visit.

Step 3

Termites build active tunnels into the monitor stations. The termites feast on the slotted wood base and move up into the compact cellulose monitor cartridge.

Step 4

Active termite bait cartridges are added to the Advance termite bait stations as they become active. Periodic inspections continue to ensure the colony is destroyed.

System Note:

The Advance termite bait stations were designed incorporating a two stage system – a slotted wood base and a compact cellulose cartridge on top. This design is very attractive to foraging termites and minimizes feeding disturbances.

System Note:

Once installed the Advance termite bait stations blend into the environment around your structure. In a lawn area they look very similar to a sprinkler head. In a planting bed they are hardly noticeable to you or your guests.

Termite Baiting