5 Mistakes Hiring a Residential Pest Control Exterminating Company Suffolk, Nassau, Long Island NY




Buyer beware are words most consumers should heed when shopping for pest control services! Below are some good advice tips for selecting a pest control company and in fact any service or contractor for your home. It pays to do your homework when hiring a pest management company and a few minutes spent on the phone or on the internet can make all the difference and avoid costly mistakes.
5 Tips for choosing a termite control company
1. Get Estimates: If you have a pest problem do not panic. Panic buying opens the consumer up to high pressure sales that could be very costly in the end. Even if your house is swarming with termites, do not panic, as these swarming termites will die quickly indoors which will allow you enough time to get estimates. Be an educated consumer and get multiple estimates. Do not assume that all companies charge about the same price and be wary of low and high ball bids. Understand what the company is offering in their estimate and get it in writing to make sure you are comparing “apples” to “apples”.
2. Check Reliability:
Make sure that the company you choose has a history of professional and reliable service so that you are assured you are getting what you were promised. There are many ways to check reliability: contact the Better Business Bureau, your local Consumer Affairs Department, do an internet search for complaints and ask for referrals and testimonials. A quick check of the department of consumer affairs in your county and the Better Business Bureau can save you countless problems and dollars.
3. Examine GUARANTEES:
Read and understand each companies guarantee policy. Be sure to read the fine gray print on the back of contracts for hidden clauses and exclusions that may lead you to believe you have total coverage when in reality the guarantee is difficult to understand or impossible to claim. Try to use a company that has a strong history of reliable service. A guarantee is worthless if the company you choose is no longer in business
4. Check Certifications and Insurance Certificates:
Always make sure that the service is being performed by a qualified technician who is New York State Certified and experienced with the type of pest in question. Check to see if the company belongs to industry associations such as the Long Island Pest Control Association, the New York State Pest Management association and the National Pest Control Association. Don’t be afraid to ask for copies of the Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance certificates. If the company hesitates than look elsewhere.
5. Ask About Price Protection:
Many pest control services require follow up visits and renewable contracts especially when dealing with termites and carpenter ants. Ask if the company has a price protection guarantee to avoid being stuck in an agreement that can increase in price substantially over subsequent years. It is inevitable that costs will increase over time but these increases should not be yearly double digit increases. High annual price increases is the number one complaint we hear from consumers that are calling to switch from their current pest control companies.
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Kevin O’Connor
Entomologist- Eliminex Pest Control Inc.

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