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There are several treatment options that can be effectively used, but you should know that reaching these small, parasitic insects which live deep in furniture and behind walls has always been difficult. In addition, many pesticides are becoming ineffective, because bed bugs are developing resistance to them. Call us today to schedule a thorough and detailed inspection of your property. We will determine the the extent of infestation and customize a program to your specific needs, and budget. The goal will always be complete removal of all bed bugs from your home or business.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments | Cryonite Freezing Services | K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services | Chemical Control

Heat Treatment Equipment:

Heat Treatments / Thermal Remediation:

This treatment method heats the infested space and surrounding walls to a temperature above 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This kills all bed bugs and their eggs during one single treatment. Our equipment is designed specifically to spread, control, and monitor heat and this gets it into hard to reach spaces inside your walls bedding, and furniture. Heat extermination is safe for you and the environment. No pesticides or other chemicals are used during the heating process, and this ensures that people and pets are safe.

Proven Benefits and Advantages!

1) 100 % effective within hours. End the Nightmare, Headaches and Frustration of bed bugs in one day!

2) Little to no preparation. All clothing and bedding are left inside to be heat treated. No expensive and inconvenient laundry and dry cleaning bills! Pet related items, children toys and rooms will be safely remediated.

3) Non-Toxic very GREEN pest Control solution. Bed bugs start to die at 113F. Our comprehensive heat treatment heats all items inside the treatment area to above 120F where bed bugs die instantly!

Cryonite Freezing Services:

Freeze Bed Bugs to Death! If you are looking for a environmentally friendly-non toxic bed bug control solution with total elimination of all stages of bed bugs including their eggs!… Then Choose Cryonite!

Cryonite exterminating is perfect for the hospitality, health care, food processing, pharmaceutical, multi-tenant residence and residential customer.Our comprehensive Cryonite bed bug control treatments freeze bed bugs in their place eliminating the need for chemicals and pesticides. We have the ability to safely treat sensitive equipment such as electronics, electrical outlets and switches, televisions and computers. The areas around the bedding such as the mattresses, box springs, headboards, clock radios and night stands can be sanitized without pesticides.

Commercial establishments will benefit from fast elimination of bed bugs within hours of treatment. You no longer have to wait two weeks to declare a room bed bug free! Imagine being able to return a hotel room, resident room or hospital room back in service the same day. No lost revenue from down time and the peace of mind knowing that your problem has been completely and immediately resolved .

Our Cryonite Bed Bug treatments are guaranteed to eliminate every bed bug down to every last egg and our tenacious and thorough technicians leave no stones unturned while being sensitive to your home or business environment. Call now for a free estimate! Eliminex Pest Control Inc. 1800-427-0002

Canine Bed Bug Detection Services

We can provide for dog detection services for Residential,Commercial, or Industrial needs. Our dogs will help contain and eliminate infestations quickly. They are very useful for pinpointing infestations and confirming these pests are gone.

There are two ways of inspecting for bed bugs; one is through a thorough inspection from a qualified pest control technician. This is very expensive and only about 30% accurate; the other is by using a trained bed bug detection dog. The dog we use is a certified bed bug dog that is retrained daily by his handler and trainer.

Why use a Bed Bug sniffing dog?… They are simply less expensive, quicker, 97% accurate vs. 30% of a human, the dog is Cutting-Edge Technology. It’s the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of bedbugs – critical information for lowering costs. They are Proven and Trusted. Dogs are Honest. Dogs are trained to work for food and love… and NOT for profits. Research supports that if the dog finds bedbugs, there’s a high statistical probability you should investigate further. If the dog doesn’t find bedbugs, you can know with greater certainty that your home, office or school is safe from bedbugs. They are Hard Workers. A typical office building search of approximately 200 rooms can take one dog eight hours to complete.

The Benefits of Pro-active Bed Bug Canine Detection inspections

  • Avoid litigation by showing you are taking proactive steps to monitor for bed bugs
  • Save money by treating infestations early, before they spread throughout the structure
  • Post treatment inspections to verify the bed bugs have truly been eliminated.
  • Good for the environment & you only service the areas that need service.

Eliminex Pest Control Inc. has been proudly serving the Long Island area for over 25 years. We have proactive programs that can save you thousands of dollars by detecting bed bugs early so they can be treated before a customer finds them and demands their money back!

Chemical Control / With Mechanical Barriers

Eliminex Pest Control also offers a traditional bed bug control program that does include the use of chemicals. Our comprehensive bed bug control program combines all aspects of bed bug control that we Guarantee to eliminate every bed bug down to every last egg. Our tenacious and thorough technicians leave no stones unturned while being sensitive to your home environment.

Through the use of mechanical barriers (Climb Up interceptors and Mattress Encasements) and steam applications we can minimize the use of pesticides in eliminating these insects from your home or business. Our multi-prong approach utilizes the latest bed bug control technologies including dry steam treatments, HEPA Vacuum extraction, Protect-A-Bed mattress encasements, and Climb-up interceptors that separate you from the bed bugs! We can also deploy the Night Watch bed Bug control trap to monitor for bed bugs after treatment.

We turn Bed Bugs into Dead Bugs! Guaranteed!®

Note: The heat treatment option will guarantee immediate bed bug relief, the other options will provide a significant improvement after the initial bed bug treatment. But complete elimination will take time, persistence, and patience. Following an initial treatment and program implementation, you should continue to actively inspect the infested area for additions signs of infestation on a regular schedule of about 2 weeks. Treatment will be repeated on a bi-monthly to monthly bases until all signs of any bed bug infestation disappear.